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CMH Monashees: Treeskiing across the fairy tale forest

For experienced heliskiers, treeskiing is the best. And perhaps the world’s best heliskiing is offered by the CMH Monashees area. Nowhere else are the giant trees so ideally spaced apart, nowhere else does so much snow fall on the forests.

Button_ski_kanada_4Three, four more turns – then we glide through knee-deep powder snow past two giant trees into a clearing. Only the tips of the smaller trees are still sticking out of the meter-high snow cover. The gently sloping clearing looks like a loosely planted Christmas tree plantation. Thick snow pillows lie on small hills or fallen trees. After each little hop over these pillows, we land softly in the powder snow, which slows us down just enough to allow us to swing through the trees in a relaxed mood.

CMH Monashees – one of the best heliskiing areas for treeskiing

Millions of snowflakes trickle from the sky, smothering every sound in the deep snowy forest. Calls fade away here after a few meters, a single track shows us the way through the immaculate white. Our guide has drawn them, we set ours to the right and left, then deviate a bit, come back again, play with the magically beautiful terrain.

There are very few forest runs like the Monashees in the world – and none in the Alps. Large, centuries-old trees stand here so ideally, as if they had been planted especially for the natural slalom. Endless, uniformly steep north-facing slopes create the perfect adventure playground for snowboarders and skiers when heliskiing in Canada.

If you’re going to the Monashees, you want treeskiing. But that doesn’t mean that the area, which covers more than 1,700 square kilometers and stretches all the way to the Selkirks, doesn’t also have magnificent glaciers and high alpine slopes up to 3,140 meters to offer. Whether in the forest or in the alpine terrain, there is usually snow without end: an average of 20 meters per year!

No wonder the demand is so high. CMH has therefore built its latest lodge for 48 guests. In addition to classic heliskiing with four groups of eleven guests each, CMH also offers heliskiing with small groups and even private heliskiing with a helicopter for four guests and two guides in the Monashees.“



Those who still have energy after a day of treeskiing, and these are the very few, can give themselves the rest at the climbing wall in the lodge. But to be honest, we go right after skiing to relax in the hot roof terrace whirlpool.




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