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Last Frontier Heliskiing, Canada / Ashley Barker title

Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek: Big Heliskiing in a Small Nest

Last Frontier Heliskiing’s second base is not your average heliskiing lodge. Ripley Creek is located in the old gold mining town of Stewart on the Alaska border. The setting is whimsical, the heliskiing area magnificent.

Button_ski_kanada_5Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek is anything but a normal heliskiing lodge. In the morning you will be woken up by a rooster, on the way to breakfast you will be „“attacked““ by the goose of the host and in the neighboring Alaska you will be filled up with almost 80-percent liquor. Whoever imagined a log cabin high in the mountains with a helicopter in front of it will be very surprised when arriving in Stewart after the four-hour bus transfer from Terrace.

Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek right on the Pacific Fjord

The Last Frontier Heliskiing lodge is located at the Ripley Creek Inn a slightly quirky but charming hotel right on the Pacific Fjord with views of Alaska just a few miles away. Breakfast and dinner are a couple of steps away at the Bitter Creek Cafe. On the way there, you walk past rusting vintage tractors, boats, ancient industrial machinery, mine cars and a toaster museum.

Junk seems to be the second passion of the Ripley Creek Inn owner. The first is his gander Mr. Ripley. As an abandoned chick, he picked him up and raised him. For eleven years now, the gander has been the mascot of the Ripley Creek Inn, defending the animal against dogs and sometimes heliskiers who don’t suit him.

The first group of heliskiers takes off directly by helicopter from the nearby helipad, the others are driven out by van to take off from the highway. The Last Frontier heliskiing area is huge. Surrounding the two lodges, Bell 2 and Ripley Creek, the terrain offers 9,500 square kilometers of endless glacier and forest runs – perfect for a very special ski vacation in Canada.

Last Frontier Heliskiing Ripley Creek Meets Last Frontier Bell

As with the Bell 2 lodge, Last Frontier Heliskiing consistently flies only small helis and groups of four plus a guide from Stewart. The two lodges are about 100 kilometers apart. As a special treat Last Frontier Heliskiing offers a lodge to lodge safari. The guests live then three days in the one and three days in the other Lodge. After three days of skiing in the first area, the safari groups from both lodges meet in the middle while skiing, transfer and continue from there in the second area. Luggage is brought behind by van for a comfortable heliski vacation in British Columbia. It is recommended to start at Ripley Creek and then finish the heliskiing week at the more luxurious Bell 2 lodge.“



If you think Stewart is already a small town at the end of the world, you should first get to know the neighboring village Hyder. It is already in Alaska and is famous for its Glacier Inn. The walls of the pub are plastered with bills worth $95,000 from all over the world. The Glacier Inn is cult because you get „hyderized“ there. If you drink down a nearly 80-proof liquor, you get the „Hyderized in Hyder“ certificate. Every heliskier should drink one of these killer shots – but no one should drink two!




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